Anna Martin

4 Church Farm
Watton Road

Mobile: 07811372866

As one of the UK’s few studio based artists working in the medium of Gun Tufted rugs I feel truly passionate about this craft. I use a Hofmann hand-tufting gun, which pushes wool through a backing cloth to create a thick pile. The freedom of the process allows me to literally paint with wool, giving my rugs spontaneity and fluidity.

A childhood spent overseas has given me an instinct for rich colours and textures which are imbued in my work.
My studio is in a rather idyllic setting, in Colney. At the bottom of the garden, which backs on to the river Yare, it is filled to the rafters with cones of multi-coloured wool.


Anna Martin RugsAnna Martin Rugs
Anna Martin Rugs Anna Martin Rugs
Anna Martin Rugs