Christine Pike

Bridge Road
Downham Market,
PE38 0AE

Tel: 07968 287999

I am a sculptor and print-maker. I do not try to capture an exact likeness of a creature but rather something of its spirit and wildness. I work quickly and intuitively, handling the clay as little as possible to keep the surface ‘fresh’.

My current work investigates the nature of childhood, half-remembered folk tales, and what it means to be human. Sometimes my figures disguise themselves as animals. Occasionally they are caught in the act of transformation; half human, half beast.

Mark-making and surface texture are very important to me. I have begun to explore print-making techniques and how they might be translated into working with clay. I particularly enjoy the process of lino-printing, for it’s simplicity and directness.

Christine Pike, MA 2014

Ceramic by Christine Pike